Asia server extremely lag

  • Hi, asia server has been been extremely lag since last week. My physical location is in Malaysia and my latency is between 600 - 1200 ms. Then I tried Americas server and the latency I got is 200 something!
  • Hey AngrySushi,

    Please run a path ping and trace route to the Diablo III servers and post the results so we can take a look at the connection. Since you are in Malaysia for the Americas servers you are likely playing on the server in Australia. Run the tests to the two IP addresses listed below for the servers.

  • We do want to help out improve the connection. To be able to help we do need to find out what is causing the increase the latency. Running the connection tests can help us find this out. Please do post a path ping and trace route.
  • CottonBall- The Looking Glass can be a good tool to us but it does not show the connection coming from the specific server you would be playing on. Instead of the looking glass please post a WinMTR to help get a look at the connection.

    Ryusenka- The path ping and trace route did not show getting the past the 2nd node. We are not getting a full look at the connection. To help try to get a complete look at the connection please post the results from a WinMTR.

      1) Download WinMTR -
      2) Unzip the file to the Desktop.
      3) Open the WinMTR folder and select the one corresponds to your version of Windows (32 or 64 bit version).
      4) Run the WinMTR.exe
      5) Type the IP address you would use to run a trace route in the "Host" -
      6) Click on "Start" while playing
      & Run for at least 10 minutes then click on "Stop" in WinMTR
      7) Click on "Export text" and save to a text file.
      8) Copy and paste the contents of whole file here.
      9) Click on "Start"
      10) Run for 10 minutes then click on "Stop" in WinMTR
      11) Click on "Export text" and save to a text file.
      12) Copy and paste the contents of whole file here.


    The test does show there is packet loss and relativity high latency at the home router. Any issues at this point in the connection can have serious consequences for the connection. Please do try the steps below to help improve the connection.

    2/ 100 = 2% |
    1 13ms 2/ 100 = 2% 0/ 100 = 0%

    • Please power cycle the network equipment and flush the DNS.

    • Wireless connections are not the most stable thing in the world. Anything from a cellphone to a microwave oven can disrupt the signal. Can you try to use a wired connection from your computer to the router to see if that helps?

    • If you have a separate modem and router you can try bypassing the router and connecting your computer to the modem. This may help with the connection and will let you know if it is specifically the router that is causing the trouble.