2.4.3 Rivera Dancers Bug ( Or undocumented nerf )

  • Per http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/rivera-dancers it says "deals 250–300% increased damage."

    That is -EXACTLY- how it works currently on -LIVE- servers, being its own separate multiplier. (3.5-4x damage)

    On PTR, this value is what we players like to say "NINJA NERFED" to "deals 150–200% increased damage." (2.5-3x damage)

    Please lettuce know if this nerf/change was intentional or some mistake during the "fixing" of Epiphany or internal testing of Rabid Strike.

    Testing Data:

    I usually don't bother to re-test mechanics on old legendaries, but this is getting mighty suspicious..... kind of like you devs are trying to sneak one past us monks! Unless it is something more widespread and other items with +X to damage are getting +X-1 for some reason ^_^;
  • Most likely a bug. Thanks for the report! Passed on for investigation.