Focused Feedback: Greater Rift Changes

  • Welcome, nephalem, to the Patch 2.4.3 PTR!

    This upcoming patch includes a slew of new features and items for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. For more information on the scope of Patch 2.4.3, please check out our latest patch notes here.

    In order to help guide your testing efforts, we are currently looking for focused feedback discussions on a variety of topics.

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  • This Focused Feedback thread is dedicated to revisions being made to Greater Rifts.

    Here are the changes that have been made to Greater Rifts:

      Monsters should now be more evenly distributed on each floor in Greater RiftsThe size of each floor in a Greater Rift is now more consistent
        On average, a rift should take between two and four floors to clear
      There is no longer an increased chance to see the same tile set when you venture down a floor in a Greater RiftThere is now a guaranteed area at the entrance of each floor with no monsters
        This area is just large enough for ranged characters to maneuver
      Several additional monster types can now appear as Champions and ElitesThe stacking effect of the following items and skills are now cleared upon entering a Greater Rift
        Items: Lord Greenstone’s Fan, Fortress Ballista and Flail of the AscendedSkills: Arcane Dynamo and Mythic Rhythm
      The gold reward and empower cost for Greater Rift 25 and above have been increased
        The ratio between gold reward and empower cost remains about the same

    For more details on what changes have been made in Patch 2.4.3, please see our PTR Patch Notes.

    Here are a few questions to get you started:
      At what Greater Rift level do you normally complete?What type of character/build do you normally use in Greater Rifts? Feel free to link your build via the Armory or a service like D3 Planner.What changes to Greater Rifts do you feel are most noticeable?Do you notice any instances in which the changes as outlined above do not appear to be in place or behave as expected?
        Please let us know what the tile set and/or monster packs were like when you experienced this, or provide a screenshot.

    With that said, thank you to all our PTR participants. Your feedback is appreciated and continues to be integral to our design and iteration process. Happy testing!

    Please Note: In order to facilitate focused feedback, posts in this thread that are not relevant to the topics listed above will be deleted. Please create a new thread for your concerns if they are outside the above topics. Thank you!