Desolate Sands Crash

  • Hi if this is happening with AMD/INTEL duel graphics.
    I have fixed mine.
    I went to the catalyst control center....... Configure switchable graphics.......Put battlenet to power saving........Diablo111.exe to power saving.......This worked for me i have tested it 4 times now and been able to get through desolate sands every time then change back to high performance on both adventure and campaign..........Hope this helps you guys i know its not a fix but it worked for me.......Also there was a Windows 8 update for Intel Graphics so check for win updates from action centre......
  • Torralisk,

    If you're using an AMD video card, please see this thread.

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  • Hey Vorren,

    This is a bit of an older thread (started well over a year ago) So I'm going to go ahead and lock this. If you are having crashing in Desolate Sands in Diablo 3, please review the sticky forum thread for this issue here for further information on how to get the updated drivers that should fix this issue for you.