Error code

  • Hey, thanks for reading (And hopefully helping lmao)
    Recently my Diablo 3 has stopped working and it is giving me different errors everytime I start. I get a log that says "The application encountered an unexpected error"
    and this time I got this error code "A1D62A86-FAEE-4C3E-900D-A02D23E51146" does anyone have a fix? I have uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail
    Tried again and gave me this code "4F255D9A-7DEA-4ADF-BDBC-F48D42F0C302"
  • @Mikemar1280
    I would suggest going through each of the steps on this page here:

    I'm not finding any crash logs for you. Can you try obtaining those manually? Steps to find the crash logs can be found here under Game Error Logs. When posting them to the forums please be sure to use the code blocks to help keep things clean!