Diablo 1 HD remake i am blown away !

  • I had of course low expectations from Blizzard but after playing the D1 remake I must say it got even lower !

    Where to begin

    boy oh boy where to begin . 1st it doesn't even resemble Diablo 1 . not even in spirit or even with look . ya ya of course its still on D3 engine but it doesn't even look like they put any effort into it.

    you have 16 levels / Btw level 2 is where the butcher is !

    It looks like another dungeon that was copy paste from previous dungeons.
    Of course you cannot play the original heroes. you basically have to take your D3 heroes and go through it.
    the items has D3 stats .your hero with D3 stats.
    The final boss fight very lame too easy to kill !

    it shouldn't be call D1 remake or whatever .

    Don't even bother with it . waste of time !
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