[Comment] Bag of Fortune

  • I thought I'd check out the new vendor, Djank Mi'em, with my Demon Hunter today and bought a Bag of Fortune.

    Are you kidding me? 300 Blood Shards for a Hellcat Waistguard? (That's a lot of "BS"! -- ahem) No thank you. I'll stick to Kadala.

    (I know that will be changed by the time it goes live... right?) ;-)
  • 11/15/2016 10:31 AMPosted by tunaworks
    I doubt the vendor will ever be on live. It is supposed to make it easier to gear up and test new stuff.

    This, and...

    11/15/2016 11:10 AMPosted by TheTruth
    It's literally only there to guarantee new or updated items on the PTR. When it's a weapon, they give you the gem and a gift as well.

    It's only for helping PTR testers get the new/updated items quickly so they can get to actually testing, instead of wasting cube mats or time farming the items.

    This. There are no intentions to bring Djank M'iem to live servers. He's simply there to help aspiring testers get to their test builds more quickly.

    Besides, I think we have enough Djank M'iems in the real world as-is. ;P