Patch 2.4.3 PTR Patch Notes

  • Patch 2.4.3 PTR Patch Notes
    Last updated November 14 @ 3:00 p.m. PST. Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for patch 2.4.3. Please note that this isn't the final version of the patch notes and that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.

    PTR PATCH 2.4.3 - v2.4.3.41668

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    Table of Contents:


      New Feature: 20th Anniversary Event
        A mysterious group of Cultists is stirring up trouble! Hunt them down in Adventure Mode to uncover clues that reveal a portal into Tristram’s past, and rediscover the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago… This event is only available in January
          Please note that the anniversary event features a pre-cursor event This will start a few hours before the rest of the event is available on the PTR
      Hardware Support
        Support has been added for the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) SDK and Razer peripherals
          Supported backlit keyboards will respond to certain in-game situations like Legendary and Set item drops, characters leveling up, and more Players will need to update their firmware for supported devices to use this feature
        Added a 64-bit client as default for 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems
          With this, players should see improvements to system performance and faster loading times This change uses DirectX 11 natively, which brings support for normal maps, per pixel lighting and improved anti-aliasing options The 32-bit client is still available as an option through the Launcher
        Added a screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) pixel shader option Added a large cursor option Improved support for 60Hz+ monitors
      Bug Fixes
        (PTR Only) Fixed a variety of issues causing client crashes, improving overall stability (PTR Only) Fixed an issue preventing the SSAO feature from being disabled correctly (PTR Only) Fixed an issue causing the gamma slider in the 64 bit client to work incorrectly
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          Now has 3 charges Cooldown per charge remains 12 seconds with a chance to be reduced slightly by critical strikes
      Bug Fixes
        Fixed an issue which caused Wave of Light to sometimes fail to deal damage when players were under the effect of Epiphany Fixed a bug which prevented a Hydra from being spawned when two Mirror Images attempted to cast Summon Hydra at the same time Fixed an issue which caused the active effect of Earth Ally and Fire Ally to not benefit from Attacks Per Second or +Mystic Ally damage
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      Class Specific Items
        New items have been added to the game
            Armor of Akkhan
              Talisman of Akkhan (Amulet)
                Has been added as a 7th piece to Armor of Akkhan The set’s current bonuses and powers remain the same
              This amulet will always roll with Critical Hit Chance in addition to 3 other random affixes
        Some existing class-specific Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
          Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes; only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power With the below changes, the minimum levels required to use these items have been adjusted to match the level at which their corresponding skills unlock Barbarian
            Saffron Wrap
              The damage of your next Overpower is increased by 40-50% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum of 20 enemies
            Faithful Memory
              Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 50-60% for 10 seconds
          Demon Hunter
            Hellcat Waistguard
              Grenades have a chance to bounce 3-5 times, dealing an additional 50% damage on each bounce This bonus is increased to 800% on the final bounce The following skills are affected by this power:
                Cluster Arrow – Dazzling Arrow, Cluster Bombs, Loaded for Bear, and No Rune Rain of Vengeance – Anathema Strafe – Demolition Rapid Fire – Bombardment
            Rabid Strike
              Spirit spenders that teleport you while Epiphany is active are also mimicked on a distant target for free
          Witch Doctor
            The Barber
              Instead of dealing direct damage, your Spirit Barrage now accumulates on the target When you stop channeling, it explodes dealing 225-250% of the accumulated damage to all enemies within 15 yards
            Manald Heal
              Enemies stunned with Paralysis also take 3000-3500% weapon damage as Lightning
        The functionality of some items has changed
            Defender of Westmarch
              Can no longer summon a wolf more than once per second Damage done by the wolf is increased for each block made during the interim
          Witch Doctor
            Jeram's Bracers
              The minimum level for this item to drop has changed from 12 to 31 in order to match the level at which Wall of Death unlocks
        Bug Fixes
          Hellfire Amulet
            Fixed an issue where Fetishes spawned by this item with the Fetish Sycophants passive would not reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo correctly when Starmetal Kukri was equipped
          Illusory Boots
            Will now properly allow Crusaders using Steed Charge to pass through walls
          Flail of the Ascended
            Now takes into account +Shield Bash affix bonuses in its damage Damage stacks will now persist when changing gear and picking up items
          Fixed an issue which sometimes caused cosmetic pets to be dismissed unintentionally, requiring the player to resummon them through the collections UI Fixed a bug causing transmogrify options to not properly unlock sometimes when first acquiring an item which grants a new transmogrify option Fixed a bug which caused the buff from the Legendary item Ahvarion, Spear of Lycander to end when changing floors in a Greater Rift Fixed an issue which caused the Bones cosmetic pet to incorrectly produce sound when players interacted with some user interface elements Fixed an issue which caused +Elemental damage bonuses on weapons to override the damage bonus granted to Ancient Spear by Skular’s Salvation and its elemental type Fixed an issue which allowed Necrosis damage from the Helltooth Harness set to be reflected back by some enemies onto Witch Doctors using projectiles like Poison Dart (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which caused the Soulstone Shard to trigger its special effect while players were in town (PTR Only) Fixed an issue causing gem removal costs to be reduced to zero
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          Season Journey
            The Destroyer and Guardian tiers of the Season Journey will no longer require players to augment an Ancient Legendary item using level 30 or higher and level 40 or higher Legendary gems, respectively Along with this, the Conqueror tier now requires players to augment one Ancient Legendary item using a Legendary Gem at level 50 or higher
          Bug Fixes
            (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which caused text display issues with some Season Journey objectives
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            The number of enemy kills required to complete the following Bounties has been reduced
              Kill Aloysius Kill Axegrave Kill Bholen Kill Captain Donn Adams Kill The Crusher
            The Cesspools map has been adjusted
              Enemy density and overall map size have been reduced This area can now appear as the starting dungeon in Rifts and Greater Rifts
          Greater Rifts
            We have made a number of changes to improve the play experience of Greater Rifts
              Monsters should now be more evenly distributed on each floor in Greater Rifts The size of each floor in a Greater Rift is now more consistent
                On average, a rift should take between two and four floors to clear
              There is no longer an increased chance to see the same tile set when you venture down a floor in a Greater Rift There is now a guaranteed area at the entrance of each floor with no monsters
                This area is just large enough for ranged characters to maneuver
              Several additional monster types can now appear as Champions and Elites
            The stacking effect of the following is now cleared upon entering a Greater Rift
              The items Lord Greenstone’s Fan, Fortress Ballista and Flail of the Ascended The skills Arcane Dynamo and Mythic Rhythm
            The gold reward and empower cost for Greater Rift 25 and above have been increased
              The ratio between gold reward and empower cost remains about the same
          Greed’s Realm
            The portal to Greed’s Realm will now close 60 seconds after opening Greed’s chest With this, players may now open multiple portals to the realm in a single game
            The waypoint for Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 in Adventure Mode has been moved from the entrance to the midpoint of the level in order to provide quicker access to some bounties
              With this change, bounties requiring you to kill unique enemies will only spawn these enemies in the first half of the dungeon, and all monsters on the map will contribute to bounty progress
          Bug Fixes
            Fixed an issue preventing the scene for Bounty: Research Problems from spawning Fixed bugs that led to large open areas with no monsters in some rooms in Greater Rifts, which was especially common near the entrance to certain floors
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            Quality of life improvements have been made to enemies
              Several enemies that leap at the player can now be killed in mid-air, including Winged Assassins, Punishers, Lacuni Huntresses, and Burrowing Leapers Several enemies that can become un-attackable, such as Sandsharks, Snakemen, and Rockworms now spend more time vulnerable. When these enemies do burrow or stealth, they no longer remain in this state for more than 3 seconds In addition, emerging Rockworms now always show ground cracks to help attentive players avoid their initial attack
          Enemy Affixes
              Will now be cancelled immediately if the shielded monster is the last remaining monster in a pack
            Reflects Damage
              Now fires a projectile instead of instantly dealing damage to the player The warning duration for this affix has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1, and its active duration has been reduced from 6 seconds to 4
              Crawling lightning generated by this affix now pierces, allowing it to damage multiple targets in succession With this, the damage caused by this affix has been reduced by about 35%
              New enemy affix
                Juggernaut monsters are permanently immune to crowd control effects, but move more slowly than normal monsters Only a rare Elite enemy can be a Juggernaut
            Bug Fixes
              Fixed an issue which caused Winged Assassins to sometimes travel across the ground instead of through the air when leaping Fixed an issue which prevented Greater Rift Guardians from reliably teleporting to players when they spawned more than a few screens away Fixed an issue which sometimes cause Rift Guardians to spawn in a location where they couldn’t be targeted
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                Now transitions more swiftly between his normal and larger version boss phases
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              Bug Fixes
                Fixed the wording on the “Socket To Me” achievement to clarify that socketing only one gem is required
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            QUALITY OF LIFE

                Can now be accessed through a new tab at the Mystic
                  This includes Collector’s Edition dyes
                With this change, dyes will no longer be sold by vendors
              Bug Fixes
                Fixed display and text issues with some skills and items Fixed an issue causing keybind issues when the UI was hidden Fixed a bug which caused Followers to sometimes become idle in combat Fixed an issue which prevented Followers from being dismissed while they were incapacitated in battle Fixed an issue which allowed pets and Followers to be attacked immediately after exiting a portal
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              PTR Only

                PTR Only
                  PTR Bag of Fortune
                    Players on the PTR will now receive a special bag from normal Rift Guardians Djank M'iem, a vendor who appears in each town hub in Adventure Mode and Campaign Mode This bag costs 300 Blood Shards and contains class-specific items that are being tested for the upcoming patch This bag will always drop items which are specific to the class which opens it In cases where the PTR bag contains a weapon, the bag will also drop a Flawless Emerald and a Ramaladni’s Gift