Launcher - application encountered an error

  • This is happening to me all the sudden as well. It started after I installed the D3 PTR.

    However, I think it's actually this (new?) agent as I don't think there was an agent before recently.

    If I do the full delete of every folder (the actual app, all the appdata & userprofile local & roaming folders, too) and then let the app install again it will work. ONCE.

    I just got through the whole thing no problem, finally got into the D3 PTR and then did my character copy which logs you out. So I quit out and launched the "just 30 seconds ago working" and back to this error.

    I don't feel it's sustainable to have to go through that process every time, so looking for the true root cause & fix. :)

    Here is my report ID:


    Here's another one just in case:


    And here is my DxDiag:

    I use the launcher almost every single day for the past several months (years really) and have never ever gotten this issue before and zero changes to my computer or software other than wanting to try out the D3 PTR today as mentioned.

    Just to throw it out there, I did have another weird thing where during the D3 PTR install process once it went from yellow to green I got a windows popup asking me if agent should be allowed to make changes to my computer (hence why I believe this software is brand new). I told it sure no problem, and my second monitor blanked out! It took a lot of monkeying around and having to physically disconnect my monitors and reconnect after several reboots to get them to come back.
  • Hey everyone,

    Our developers are looking into these crashes with the app, although we don't have an ETA on when it will be fully resolved. We are keeping updates to this stickied thread on the app forums:

    Unexpected Error when loading App

    There are a few different workarounds listed in that thread, and some troubleshooting provided by Support Forum Agent Halkriel that may help. One thing to note is that many players have had success with reinstalling the app on the C: drive (same as Windows) in the cases where the app was originally installed on a secondary drive.