Goblin Treasure Realm Portal - Key?

  • So I encountered a goblin while running campaign on my HC seasonal. It had a portal open before it saw me and before I even engaged it, and the goblin itself showed as a different icon on my map. I engaged the goblin, the portal went away and there was no portal when I killed him. I asked in general about what may have happened and I was told that the portal to the treasure realm appears after you kill a goblin and that you need a key to enter it. They also said that you have to kill Diablo 30 times or so for the key, but I can't find any information anywhere about needing a key for the treasure goblin realm. Is this true that you need a key to get into the treasure realm?
  • 10/01/2014 08:56 AMPosted by Satsui
    Since about 2.1.1 all goblins show on map and when you see them, until you initiate, there is an open portal until you initiate, then the portal will disappear.
    It has nothing to do with the Treasure Realm, which has a very small chance to open once you kill the gob. Hope this clarifies things.

    The change to Treasure Goblin visibility by adding a portal graphic on first spawn and a mini-map icon was indeed a quality of life change meant to help you spot them more easily (and thanks to Satsui and others for providing clarification :)).

    Since this change wasn’t included in the patch notes, it’s caused some confusion among players, and I wanted to add to the voices providing answers. Hope that helps (and that the new graphics make it easier to find those loot-laden gobbies)!