What does diablo mean to you?

  • Years ago a neighbor introducintroduced me to Diablo 1 as a kid. Ever since then ive been trqcking down demons and takin names! This game bonded my 2 closest friends and I for years to come, this series has actually helped me in very dark times of my life keep sane and help emotionally.

    Diablo is doing that once more,i just reinstalled diablo 2 for first time in a few years and the memories are coming back and id just like to thank you blizzard for maintaining diablo 2 and keeping it alive to this day in my dark time.

    Its not juat a game to me, its more then that...also I hope to hear crazy news abouf diablo at this years blizzcon!
  • This is really a great question, because there are so many different answers to it!

    It's very interesting to see how everyone categorizes their thoughts on Diablo. For some, it's just a game, maybe one they come back to every season or so. But for others, it's a lifetime experience, perhaps even a life-long experience, that connects them to friends and family and is a font of endless memories.

    I was introduced to Diablo II by my best friend's mom. She was a pretty cool lady, who saw my interest in high fantasy and role playing games wanted to share one of her favorite games with someone else she thought might appreciate it.

    She was right. Those long, sleep-deprived nights spent leveling my Bowazon are some I will never forget! Now, when a new Season rolls around, I get to relive those memories with the friends I've made in this community. It's been wonderful to relive those experiences both as a fan and as an employee. The game has evolved so much... As our 20th Anniversary bears down on us, I find myself both grateful and humbled to have been a part of that journey, even if my time has been small compared to others.

    Is someone cutting onions here? :*) Must be something in the air.