Cooldown Reduction Tool - Update


    Have you ever wondered with the new Cooldown Reduction affix on loot and specific gear/set bonuses to reduce cooldown more how much you can reduce the cooldown of a skill can be?

    Well, look no further! Myself and KamelJabber from BannedOfGamers have created a tool that will help you figure out where you currently are for cooldowns as well as what your theoretical max can be for your class with specific items/gear/set bonuses!

    This all came about after some discussion within our clan on cooldowns and wondering what the max is and how low we can get the downtime of skills. I initially created an excel document and uploaded it on google drive when I realized how annoying that is and would be for multiple people that I created a proof of concept web page. Seeing the potential, KamelJabber helped me clean up the code and made it look nicer while we tinkered with it. After a couple weeks, it is now live!

    A few notes about it:

    - I am not very familiar with all the gear/sets out there. I tried to find all the gear I could that had reduced cooldown but I am sure I am missing some. If you would like to see a set bonus/item not on there please feel free to link the item here or over at BannedOfGamers

    - I was only focused on new gear at the moment. I know there is legacy WD gear that has different values but I was more focused on getting the initial tool setup before expanding backwards if there is a need

    - One of the eventual steps we want to get to is to have it pull your gear from your profile but that is in the future and the tool still works despite this

    - Due to the way some passives work, eg Grave Injustice, they are not included as it's too dynamic in the reduction and is dependent in kills/enemies/etc

    - Duration for skills, eg Blinding Flash, is set based on effect length or an assumption on animation. There are some cases we aren't sure of the value so it's 0 unless otherwise noted which will affect the downtime but not the reduced cooldown

    Hope people find this useful as a few in our clan are already making good use of this for varying classes.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this, considering the notes above, feel free to let us know here (which I'll try to check every so often) or over at BannedOfGamers (which I frequent more often).

    - addded Meteor - Molton Impact
    - added Mystic Ally (can't believe I forgot this one lol)
    - added Barbs Boon passive
    - corrected Monk SSS duration
    - fixed issue where passives/items dealing with time not % weren't correct. Now working (- time first then do CDR %)

    EDIT 2:
    - added the Grin Reaper
    - added checkbox to see what it is with Empowered Shrine active
    - added the archon teleport skill duration
    - work in progress from Colt on updating the look of the tool

    EDIT 3: (4/29/2014)
    - added new graphical interface to make it a bit more intuitive
    - added max/reset buttons to graphical interface
    - added ability to swap back to original interface
    - max button sets max values to all global item spots, CC & Born sets and class passives

    EDIT 4:
    - adjusted the back end code to make things a bit more efficient
    - added min value checks (still have to enter proper min values for some of the gear)
    - added better way of showing notification of input errors (higher than max, lower than min)
    - fixed the empowered shrine issue KJ listed here -

    EDIT 5: (10/3/2014)
    Currently this works as follows:

    If you are a member of our forums and you fill in the profile correctly with your battlenet code. It will pull that battlenet ID into a text box and beside that is a drop down. Pick the character you want to view the info for from the drop down and all the pieces will fill in. As long as you are logged in, it will always work.

    If you are not a member, you will need to fill in the texbox with your username-code. IE mine is IcemanF1-1907. Once you enter that, click on the dropdown to fill in the character list and pick your character. It may flash the drop down or you may need to close/open it to refresh the list.

    This will work properly with a gem in a help be it a kekegi or leoric helm. The only thing this can't pull in is paragon info as that's not in the API.

    This will also pull select character info as well. An example of a snapshot of one of my Crusaders is as follows:

    Paragon: 544
    Kills: 1,986,704
    Elite Kills: 98,650

    Dexterity: 77
    Intelligence: 77
    Stregth: 9,142
    Vitality: 6,387
    Damage: 660,794
    HP: 572,629
    Armor: 13,404

    Physical Bonus 39.00%
  • That is super helpful for anyone looking to figure out what their total Cooldown Reduction is, or could be. This sort of thing is a great contribution to the community, so big thanks to you guys for taking the time to get this out there. I know I'll be using it in the near future to help figure out what I need to make some builds work the way I want them to. Thanks again!