Diablo ps3 invite error

  • It seems a lot of us are unable to join our friends games or invitations? Only quick match seems to work, and it's annoying when they quit leaving you to start over trying to find another one, anyone have any idea when this will be fixed?. I have tied wired connection and other things, but nothing allows my friends and me to join each others game :( . Any info would be great.
  • Hi Guys,

    Typically these types of issues are the result of your network device (router/modem) or console configuration. Here is a link to our support article on Diablo III Console Connection Troubleshooting, where you will find links to the appropriate Xbox or Playstation 3 support articles:


    These issues may also be a result of NAT (Network Address Translation) restrictions as well. For Xbox players, following the steps in the following Xbox support article may also prove helpful for these problems:


    Playstation 3 players will need to double check your router or modem's settings to ensure that the appropriate ports are being forwarded, and that any other network settings that would restrict your console's connectivity are disabled.

    You can find the information on which ports to forward in the following Playstation support article:


    For more information on how to configure your modem or router to allow traffic over specific ports, please see the support information provided by the manufacturer of your specific network device.