360-Original Diablo Save Data Transfer to RoS

  • So I have my save data from Diablo 3 on my xbox360 and I still have the game disk. I bought Reaper of Souls for xbox360 when it came out. I am playing on the same console and my characters didn't show up for selection on Reaper of Souls. Is there a way to fix this?
  • Lílíth, can you confirm that you still see your characters when you access the original version of the game from that console?
  • Okay, you shouldn't have to export your characters when you're playing on the same console - but let's see what happens when you do. Navigate to the menu and you should see a more option. Down there at the bottom of the more options, you should see 'export save' (if you've patched up). Do that, and then insert your UEE disc. Go to the options in that menu, and then choose more > import. Let me know if there's any change.