• Hello folks,

    Is there actually a way to predict when Perdition is going to teleport?

    Or is he just an instant Grift fail?

    I was well on the way to beating my personal best when he pops up and ruins my day.

    I'm not bad with soloing bosses, I was pretty much the first DH to upload vids of all of them, but I have to admit, I was forced to stunlock Rakanoth and never did get to grips with however the hell his mechnanism/rotation works.

    Any tips?? or maybe the CM's could have a word with the devs, to give us some sort of warning as to when he's likely to teleport?

    Help appreicated, much love x
  • I've personally never noticed Perdition telegraph his teleport attack, but thanks to everyone for sharing what to watch out for with your fellow nephalem. Good question, good responses, and less dirt naps.