Ghoul King's Blade transmog is broken

  • Hi there and greetings from Poland. Since I can't find the answer for my problem on Polish forum i am writing here to ask about Ghoul King's Blade transmog. It's very rare but i finally found it in campaign mode in act 4 garden of hope level 2. But the transmog is broken!!! I can't transmog any sword to look like this blade. I can only equip it a normal white item. Please help, it looks so good but i can't use transmog for any legendary sword
  • Just a couple of quick clarifications. First, we checked to make sure this item was properly obtainable in live and have successfully verified it. :) The Ghoul King's Blade can drop, and the transmog is properly granted (regardless of whether you find it yourself or via a friend).

    Second, I'll highlight Rhenik's advice here:

    05/18/2016 04:58 PMPosted by Rhenik
    The weapon quality is also white, not legendary, and the look populates at the top of the transmog list instead of the bottom with the legendaries. Look at the top of your list to see if it is there.

    This is the case for all of the new transmogs, since they are granted by "common" quality items rather than Legendaries. These will generally be found at the top of the "common" list when transmogrifying your items at the Mystic.

    Lastly, while not a problem for those in this thread, I want to make sure this information is highlighted: As the Ghoul King's Blade is a one-handed sword, it can only be transmogged onto certain other one-handed items. This includes 1-Handed Swords, Axes, and Maces, but not Daggers or other 1-Handed weapons with special models or animations (Wands, Ceremonial Knives, etc). Be sure you are attempting to transmog a valid weapon!