PC account on PS3 / PS4?

  • People probably have already asked this but I can't seem to find it anywhere. When D3 is released on the PS3 / PS4, Can I use my D3 PC account on the PS3 / PS4?
  • I'm moving this thread to the Console Discussion forum, since your question is a better fit there.

    You will not be able to use your Diablo III PC characters on the console version of Diablo III or vice-versa.
  • 05/09/2013 05:54 PMPosted by JackOfHearts
    what about using the same names, and coordinating other things like battle.net accounts and friends?

    The console versions will use their respective online platforms to handle things like account names and friends. Battle.net will not be connecting to these platforms, so all of these features you mentioned will be independent of each other, and unable to share information.