I Can log in but can't play.

  • Suddenly, Every time I try to play the game either shut down or disconnects me as soon as I enter the game. So now I can't play at all and I don't know why I'm banned or whatever. This is why we need single player not all multiplayer.
  • Hey sneaky,

    Do you get any error messages when this happens? This doesn't sound like a ban or suspension.

    Have you ensured the launcher says your game is up to date?
  • I see Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on your Battle.net account, deadrises. Are you sure you're selecting the right region when you try to play?

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  • Myleneeee, it looks like your issue is a Windows crash. I would attempt the steps in our Support Article first, and if that doesn't resolve the issue we can continue troubleshooting in the PC Tech Support Forum. :)

    Since this thread is originally from 2013, I'm going to lock this one up. Please create a new thread if you still require assistance!