"not responding" UGGHH!!

  • Hello,
    I am trying to play D3 on my 2010 MBP. I went to Blizzards website and downloaded the application. It seemed to install just fine (or so I think). When I go to launch the app it looks like its trying to open, but after about 30 seconds activity monitor reports that it's "not responding" (however "agent" appears to be running). I've scoured the forums for a fix / work around but alas... no real solutions! I've even did a instant message type chat with a Blizzard tech support employee and he couldn't figure it out either. He said to call apple support (really??) and/or to create a new administrator account that might fix the issue (not sure how that could fix this).

    Please help!
  • Hondo, let's make sure that the App has the appropriate permissions. We'll fix the Application-specific stuff first, and then the Application Support folder:

      1. Using Finder, navigate to the /Applications directory.
      2. Right-click the Application and select Get Info.
      3. In the info box, go to the Sharing & Permissions section and click on the lock to unlock it. Enter your administrator password when prompted.
      4. Make sure all privileges are set to Read & Write.
      5. Click on the Action icon (cogwheel) and select Apply to all enclosed items. Select Yes to confirm the action.

    Note: Step 5 must be done, even if the folder already displays Read & Write privileges. This helps ensure all enclosed files have the same permissions.

    Once that's been done, let's also fix these permissions:

      1. Open Terminal, located in /Applications/Utilities.
      2. Type or copy and paste the following command for the App:
    • chmod 0754 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Battle.net3. Hit Return.

    Give that a shot and let me know if it works properly!

    If not, let's get some more information about your Mac:

      1. Click on the Apple Menu while holding down the Option key and select System Profiler (10.6.8) / System Information (10.7 and later).
      2. Copy the information from the following sections and paste them into your post. Please copy in the following order: Hardware Overview, Graphics, Firewall, and Software. Do not include any serial numbers, hardware UUIDs, or account/login names or information in your post.

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