Network Disconnect Issue after patch

  • Game: Diablo 3
    Server: North America


    Looking Glass:

    Trace Route:

    Path Ping:

    Already changed all settings to minimum. The problem still occurs.
  • Howdy iamreb!

    I looked over the system files and connection diagnostics you linked above and there are a few things I see that could potentially cause this. Looking at the trace route and pathping there is a fairly high latency when the connection goes from the computer to the modem/router. Also, there are a couple of programs running that could either block the connection or cause connection issues. So, lets try to address these things first!

    1. Power cycle the modem/router and make sure that a wired connection is being use.

    2. Ensure that there aren't any background applications slowing down the system or conflicting with the game connection by closing down all of the background applications and doing a selective startup.

    3. Security software can sometimes block connections, so, please temporarily disable or uninstall Avast.

    4. Finally, run a scan and repair on Diablo3 through the Bnet app.