PS4 Act IV : Key of Evil Torment VI no drop

  • Just spent the better part of my day killing Nekarat the Keywarden, I've killed him well over 50 times and no drop. I have several of all the other keys but none from this guy.

    I have seen other forum posts (incorrectly labeled for some reason in the topic title) stating that Act IV Keywarden is bugged and key does not even drop on Torment VI.

    Please fix this, wanted to level another character, but why would I now.
  • 10/20/2014 03:36 AMPosted by homerjnick

    The Key of Evil drops for Act IV Keywarden like 1 in a billion on the consoles for some reason.

    The Key of Evil drops from the 2 ubers from the Infernal Machine of War far more often than Act IV Keywarden.

    In killing the Act IV Keywarden over 200 times I've never received one key from him...

    Blues have already commentated that this is by design and not a bug.

    This is for the most part correct. The Key of Evil drop location was moved to The Undying One (Uber ZK) for the console version of Diablo III. Nekarat can still drop a key as well, but it is not common.