Welcome Nevalistis!

  • Roses are red,
    Pugs aren't green,
    You're new around here,
    So welcome to the team!
  • Welcome to the crew Nevalistis!

    *beep beep* Intruder alert! Intruder alert

    They found me already, gotta run!
  • Welcome! Exciting to see a new face around the office; looking forward to-PURIFICATION BY FLAME, IMMOLATION BECOMES PEACE
  • Let us seek honor together, my friend!
  • GLORIOUS! Welcome to the team!

    We're so excited to have you with us. There are exciting times ahead for sure. :)

    (P.S. - Remember to feed the bear.)
  • Welcome back, Nev!
  • Welcome to the team, Nevalistis! May the Blue of your posts never fade and your sticky threads never fall.
  • *Waves to the Diablo community.*

    Nevalistis, welcome to the blue side and to the Community Team! Can't wait to see what you'll turn into once your ice block melts.

    P.S. Drink lots of coffee and spin in your chair during meetings. :>
  • Welcome back, Nev!
    ^^ Welcome back, my Neva! I have missed you. <3
  • I'd like to believe those few meetups we had in recent times to consume coffee and discuss your career ambitions were actually productive! Neval -- can I call you Neval? -- you know I've long been your #1 cheerleader. I'm tickled silly that you now sit within my shouting radius and must endure the mad rantings of a cackling skull.

    I bite. Welcome aboard! <3