From AUS, and i'm having 50 latency ping?

  • After 2.0.3 patch, i logged in as usual to see things and what in the world?

    I'm using vault with no delay. I was very surprised and hover my mouse over my latency bar and guess what.

    I see 50 ~130 latency ping. I used to have 200~300 ping at best and 400~500 for the worse and higher for unplayerble.

    What is this?

    I finally seeing my DH Vaulting with no such delay since D3 launch.

    I'm using optus btw. and this never happened in my D3 life.

    Anyone help?
  • We are currently performing some regional testing with Diablo III and hope to have more details to share with the Australian and New Zealand community soon; stay tuned.