Rift Orbs get rid of them!!

  • I'm sure I'm not the first to ask for this but well anyway.
    I mean why the !@#$ are they even there?
    You kill an E and get progression cool. Why must we then run around and hoover up the globes often spread from %^-*!@# to breakfast? Do we NOT want the extra they give?
    And consider this, you get fatties in a push GR. That's OK they are a challenge, you finally kill it, hang for it to explode, oooh! wait it's a fireball one, wait for those to go off,THEN you run around and do the hoover, what fun!
    Come on Blizz you trashed the tedium of Trials, Piss this crap feature off too please!
  • Hey all, sorry for the late response. As always we'll pass along your feedback. Appreciate you taking the time to leave it :)
  • 06/05/2016 02:28 AMPosted by Rags
    Yes, you are.