Diablo statues for sale?

  • Not sure where to post this thread, as there is no thread pertaining to toys... but I was curious to see if anyone has heard rumor of Blizzard selling statues, or collectible action figures, of the Diablo franchise? Blizz has lines of Warcraft and Starcraft statues, and even Frostmourne for sale, so it's only a matter of time before they do something similar for Diablo.

    Specifically, I would love to own the statue given away earlier in the month from the San Diego Comic Con (http://www.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/sdcc-2012-day-one#) to add to my collection.
  • In addition to the variety of Diablo-themed products we currently sell on the Blizzard Store, we've actually released a number of Diablo-related statues and collectable action figures over the years.

    There were a variety of action figures released in association with both Diablo I and Diablo II, and we partnered with Sideshow collectables a few years ago to release a really incredible (and massive!) Diablo III Barbarian Diorama. As far as I know, we no longer sell any of these items straight-away, and the limited edition diorama is sold out, so you'd need to search for second-hand sellers for such rare treasures.

    You may be pleased to know, however, that we recently revealed a new Sideshow Diablo statue, so make sure to keep an eye out for future updates on how you can get your hands on this striking piece of Diablo collectable art.