Game kicks me to desktop (Fixed)

  • When i start game first time kicks me to desktop while on the loading screen, i don't know why and i was able enter the game so game freezin sometimes (20-30 second) (sorry for my english)

    (Last macOS Sierra update 10.12.1 fixed this problem)
  • Hello Abattage,

    Let's see what we can do to get Diablo III running properly on your Mac. I have some steps I would like you to try to stop the freezing.

    • Run the Diablo III repair tool.

    • Run Diablo III in windows mode.
      From within the Desktop App, click on Diablo III and then Options > Game Settings.
      Check the Additional command line arguments box.
      Enter -windowed and click done.

    Reset Folder & File Permissions to make sure there is no conflict.

    Set the computer to start with login items disabled.