Console Account LINKING

  • Have they announced when we would be able to do this? The option is available under account options, but it wont allow you to finish linking.

    Edit : I misunderstood because I had an error message a few times, it went through, however.
  • As the others have stated, you can link your PlayStation and Xbox accounts through right now. I would recommend holding off on exporting the game data from your previous Diablo III console game, however, until you have access to the Ultimate Evil Edition. It won’t cause a problem if you export multiple times, though, as only the last export will be recorded. When you get access to the Ultimate Evil Edition, just start it up under the Xbox or PlayStation account that you indicated and then you’ll see an option to import the previous save. It’s a smooth process and I don’t expect you’ll run into any issues. If for whatever reason you do, please update the post or make a new one here in the console forums. Thanks!

    Linking either an Xbox or PlayStation account (or both), will award consoles with a Signet Ring of the Blizzard. Additionally, the armory will not be affected by this linkage.