Game freezes on Silver Spire Level 1

  • I'm not sure when this started, probably in the last month or so (I've been on the PTR quite a bit), but in 2.4.1 with the latest patch on my Mac (Fall '11, OS X 10.10.5 with all security patches), whenever I take a character on Bounties & Explorations and I go to High Heavens, Act IV, Silver Spire Level 1, the game locks up. It doesn't seem to matter what character I use, I've only got 4, but soon after entering that level, the whole Mac locks up.

    I have to force start the machine, force quit of the app doesn't work. This does not appear to happen in any other part of the game.
  • Hey BusyGamerDad,

    Patch 2.4.2 is coming to the live servers soon. There may be changes in the live version that help with this. If not, please try the steps below and reply back the Diablo III error logs. .

    • To be on the safe side make sure the drivers in the computer are up to date.

    • It is possible another program could be interfering with Diablo III. To see if this is the case please run your computer with login items disabled.

    Error logs
      Navigate to /Applications/Diablo III/InspectorReporter/ReportedBugs.
      You may see many folders that are date stamped. Each one will have a crash log inside.
      Open the newest folder and locate the file marked D3Debug.txt. This is your error report.