Hi guys please help white screen game freze

  • Hi, I have not been able to play diablo 3 whenever i launch the game it gives me the basic logo then goes into a white screen for about 3 seconds after that the game proceeds for another 3 seconds then freezes can't alt tab/ move mouse etc
    I wanted to play so bad that I literally uninstalled windows still nothing any help would work my computer runs a i7 processor 8g of memory and gtx 960
    I have updated drivers any help would be much appreciated4

    Thanks - Reaper
  • Hello Reaper!

    Are you playing on Windows 10? If so, please check the instructions here to disable a particular feature that's been causing issues with Diablo III:

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Game Crashing

    Whether or not you're in Windows 10, we'll also want to check and make sure your video driver is current:

    Updating Your Drivers and Operating System

    Best of luck in your adventures :)