[PARAGON 600, GR 60 & BELOW] Help HERE

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    This thread is for sub-paragon 600 Barbs who have difficulty reaching GR 60 solo. If you are over paragon 600 and have not done GR 60 yet.... well I don't know what to say! Maybe something along the lines of, let's get you in the program and maybe you can do a bit better.

    But before you ask the generic question of "what shall I do next", you gotta let us(me) know the following basic information about your Barb:

    (1) What Torment Level and Grift level can you comfortably run on your Barb? "Comfortably run" = reach AND kill the RG within 5 minutes of beginning the rift.

    (2) What's your max Grift level?

    (3) Do you have the following build-defining items (*if you have incomplete sets, eg, 5/7 IK pieces, say which ones are missing*)

    Set Items

    - Immortal King's 7 piece set
    - Might of the Earth 6 piece set and Lut Socks
    - Raekor's 6 piece set and Vile Wards
    - Wrath of the Wastes 6 piece set
    - Bul Kathos Swords 2 piece set
    - Istvan's Paired Blades
    - Focus and Restraint rings
    - Endless Walk set (Traveller's Pledge amulet and Compass Rose ring)
    - Legacy of nightmares rings

    Legendary Items


    - Standoff (supports Furious Charge)
    - Blade of the Tribes (supports EQ)
    - Gavel of Judgement & accompanying Bracers of the First Men
    - Fury of the Vanished Peak and accompanying Seismic Slam bracers
    - Oathkeeper (supports primary skills)
    - Blade of the Warlord (supports Bash)
    - The Furnace
    - In-Geom


    - Fury of the Ancients Shoulders
    - Mantle of Channeling
    - Skular's Salvation (supports Boulder Toss)
    - Dread Iron belt and Lut Socks (supports EQ)
    - Aquila's Cuirass
    - Vambraces of Sescheron (supports primary skills)


    - Ring of Royal Grandeur
    - Band of Might
    - 2x Unity rings and Immortal token for follower
    - Convention of Elements ring
    - Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

    (4) Name your 5 highest ranked gems and what level they are.

    (5) What are you aiming for in this game? As a very broad benchmark, Grift 60 is reachable with paragon 500, without Ancient gear.

    (6) How often do you play D3 in hours per day/week?

    (7) Are you mainly solo, or happy to play in groups?

    (8) What are the major issues facing you right now that are preventing you going higher? (Usually: lack of damage, lack of survivability, or confusion about build/gear)

    And this is the most important of all: Have you read my Noobie Guide, understood it and implemented it? Link is here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20418713277?page=1#0
  • Thank you, Conquistador. Awesome thread, very helpful, and a great example of why the D3 community rocks!