HardCore Australia: Update

  • Good to see their is a Hardcore community.

    It would be cool to get some small teams together to play co-op.
    Anyone interested in teaming up with some more HC players post in.

  • 03/13/2015 06:39 AMPosted by Lameduck
    On a side note we have played together the season is yet, hit me up if you want a run together. I just hit paragon 500 and starting to get a bit of a rhythm.

    Still haven't started due to lack of internet at home after moving last month - bring on provisioning!
  • Hi Arcagnion.

    For ANZ players looking to join a Hardcore Community I have created the following post:

    "Aust and NZ Hardcore" Community - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16647974838

    I would appreciate this being promoted/stickied, thanks.

    It looks like there are deleted parts of the thread. Do you want to try posting another one that I can sticky?