An Aussie Clan?

  • While whiling away some hours farming I got to thinking about these updates that Blizzard are doing and how there will be support for clans etc (as far as I know).
    The thought occured to me, that should be an Australian Clan where we can all get together, trade gear, talk crap (as we are want to do), assist one another (say keywarden runs), etc.
    Basically band together under our flag; should invite our kiwi brothers and sisters (in the ANZAC tradition) too.
    As far as servers are concerned we may be at the !@#$ end of globe, but we still gotta count for something.
    It wouldn't matter if you play 1 hour or month or you only sleep 1 hour a month (and play the rest of the time).
    Just something to solidfy us as a community - 'mateship' in Sanctuary if you will.

    Nothing owed but a little aussie spirit in joining our fellow blokes and shelias (couldn't pass up one ocker bit).

    Any thoughts?
  • Great idea!
    Once the clan is up and running, let know so they can give it some exposure on twitter.