Nevalistis: 'No PTR anytime soon, nothing to announce'

  • Nevalistis @twitter
    we don't generally pre-announce PTR's. Nothing to share at this time.

    I wonder if S8 will be exactly like S7. Usually we have 4 weeks of PTR. S7 ends end-october.
  • Locking this because it's both out of context and a complete misquote. Let's not spread misinformation, mmkay?

    09/22/2016 07:23 AMPosted by JudgeFudge
    he said they don't pre-announce PTRs, meaning PTRs just happen and are not anounced as in "PTR in x-days".
    but that does not mean that there's no PTR coming, it'll just go live whenever it does, could be tomorrow, next week, next month.

    Pretty much this. We don't have anything to announce, nor is it a regular habit of ours to announce the dates of PTR patches. I don't mind speculation, let's just make sure it's speculation based on correct information.