Farewell Jay Wilson

  • Just saw that he has retired from the gaming industry....Shame he couldn't have retired prior to D3 releasing and maybe the game would have went a better direction than what it did.
  • Edited the misleading title.

    Threads that have been removed have been due to the amounts of disrespect that were contained within. Regardless of how you may feel about Jay's work here, we are all very sad to see him leave Blizzard, though it's wonderful to see he's pursuing his passions and we wish him the best in his writing endeavors.

    Feel free to leave your thoughts about Jay's work and farewells here, as long as they remain respectful. It's okay to be critical, but it's possible to be critical while remaining respectful. What we won't tolerate is commentary on Jay's character or direct harassment. Jay is a colleague, friend, and human being, and deserves to be treated kindly like any other member of our community.