are pets and wings only in season game?

  • Are the cosmetic pets and wings only spawn in the season mode of game? I have found the mysterious chest in gardens of hope tier 1 in the regular game and it didn't drop any wings. I have been told that pets and wings are in both games but this is NOT what I am finding out for myself.
    So what is the REAL deal? Tired of looking for something that isn't there.
    Thank you for any and all info.
  • 05/24/2016 10:06 AMPosted by hucka
    the only season exclusive thing right now is that one stash tab. thats it

    Well, that's not entirely true. ;) For Season 6, there is both a Season-exclusive pennant and series of portrait frames, all of which are obtained via the Season Journey. The Conqueror's transmog set is also Season-exclusive (though you can use it in non-Season once it's been unlocked).

    All of the new drop-based cosmetics that were added in 2.4.1 can be obtained in both Seasonal and non-Seasonal play.