• to everyone calling the people who got hacked idiots for not checking there emails or scanning for viruses or blah blah whatever else you can come up with, i have a quick question.

    i understand now, an authenticator is necessary. i have one now, i don't really know why but i do because i had to have my account rolled back as well.

    but why is it just everyones diablo 3 gold and items? if they have seriously 'hacked' us why havent they done anything to my email? why havent they done anything more severe? why can't this be an inside blizzard mistake? you can't deny every day you look at the forums and throughout a day there is about 100+ post about being hacked. oh and who knows how many people who arent even saying anything about it.

    even though im done with the topic and pretty much over it, i still wonder how a silly authenticator has stopped everything? there just seems more to it than opening an email and getting keylogged and someone logging into everyones account.

    maybe im absolutely wrong though.
  • Ryan,

    Your Battle.net account has been around since May 2009.

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