Diablo III Patch "Looping"

  • There are a couple of possible causes for the recent Diablo III patch "looping" being reported.

    1. Trying to play in a non-US region from a US game client cause what appears to be a patch loop. There is additionally a true patch looping issue caused by running Diablo III in compatibility mode which we've asked users not to do. Creating a new user account will workaround this issue and allow the game to patch.

    (Running Diablo III in compatibility mode causes a registry key to change in a fashion that will block attempts to patch. Launching the game in a new user account will reset the key.)

    2. Another cause of true patch looping is if the Diablo III client is not in its original language. In this case, on the main login screen, before logging in, go to Options > Account > Language Selection and try switching Diablo III's language back to its original default.‚Äč