The lag continues

  • Nothing has been done about this yet, so I will once again provide you with pathpings and traceroutes that show nothing wrong on my end. Hopefully at some point you will realize this is entirely on your end.

    Screenshot of ms in-game:

    All of them were taken during 10+ second lag spikes (literally can't do anything for 10 seconds because of the spike).
    They show nothing. Zero. Certainly nothing that relates to a 10+ second lag spike.
  • Hmm, no that's not on our end Exicucumber, and I must admit I have no idea why you would think that. However, your traces look clean, no major connection issues apparent there.

    When did this start happening to you? How often does it happen? Have you noticed any pattern to the behaviour (class, area, difficulty level, time of day, environmental factors etc.)? Is there anything else sharing your connection which may be intermittently using bandwidth? Do you use any 3rd party VPN or DNS services at all?

    Could you also provide a Looking Glass MTR report to the DIablo III EU servers the next time this happens to you? That way we can trace the route the other way around to see if there are any issues there.

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