Win 10 Random Freezes with GTX 570

  • Hi guys, I have a new issue with my screen going black during game-play. The sound is still going in the background but I am unable to do anything on the PC. My GTX 570 video card has served me well on my current platform for about two years and still works great on all other games, but suddenly with upgrade to Windows 10 and release of Season 5, I am getting random screen freezes where the sound continues to play and I unable to ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL. I am forced to hard start the PC and have already lost two HC characters!

    I have tried all the usual fixes: updated all system drivers (literally one-by-one), last 3 video driver versions, SAFE Mode graphics driver uninstall, and latest driver version load, vsync enabled, max pwr on video card, run game in admin, compatibility mode, reload game, ran memtest (32GBs all fine), down-clock the CPU, etc. Also, I cannot find any events in my Event Viewer related to a system freeze. The PC literally thinks its running fine except for the restart without proper shutdown. Temp is constant 46C.

    DxDiag and Logs will follow
  • xxxLawDogxxx,

    As a troubleshooting test only, could you try underclocking the graphics card by 10-15% of the manufacturer's rated speed?

    You can use an aftermarket utility like MSI's Afterburner for this. Run the game for a while with it set that way and see if it still does it. If it does, post a GPU Shark detailed mode dump so I can verify the settings used.

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