DIablo 3 2.4 stash Crash and Game Crash issue

  • Hello,

    I just uploaded the 2.4 patch completely. I go to my stash i click on it, the stash appears empty, then D3 freezes and is non responsive. I was in act III, I had to manually shut it down with alt+control+delete.

    I restarted D3 and repeated the process and it did it again.

    Any suggestions? This has never happened since i started playing the game 3 years ago, my computer is functioning just fine. Went in for the third time, change acts to Act 1, no problems, went back to act III went into stash, game crashed again. A3 seems to be the problem. this is definitely a 2.4 post patch bug.

    Now its all Acts,CANT PLAY D3 at all. Keeps Crashing
  • Hi All,

    We've got a few potential fixes for hard locks and crashes like you've described here in place internally and we are hoping to have those out to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we are working on this.