Game freezes (new in 2.4)

  • Since the 2.4 patch, I've been experiencing freezes in some places. The easiest to reproduce way to freeze it is to go to act 5, then open Kanai's Cube. It will not load the images for the buttons in the cube and hovering over them causes the game to freeze with the sound still playing in the background. This started happening during the ptr some time in December. Other times it happened in the PTR was just teleporting to the next area to do a bounty, or the transition between the parts of the Diablo battle. I did not experience any issues prior to 2.4, or early in the 2.4 PTR.

    I'm running an unsupported configuration (NVIDIA-358.15/Linux-3.12.13/Wine-1.8), but figured I'd post in case anyone has experienced it and figured out a way to fix it.
  • Hi WhiteDwarf,

    We have a few bug fixes planned for a small upcoming update that is targeted at resolving a few crashes and client lock issues. Once we've released this update, you may not experience these issues any longer. I don't have an ETA for when these fixes are coming, but we are working really hard to get them out as soon as we possibly can.

    Additionally, are you streaming (playing the game while the installer/update bar is in red or yellow data), by chance? The issue you are describing with the vendor UI not fully appearing can occur when streaming the game. If you are streaming, I'd suggest patching all the way up (or until the progress bar is green). That may help.