Beta still usable?

  • Sounds ridiculous at this point, I know. But I'm unable to buy D3 at the moment; I still have the Beta installed, and I'm dying to play the game (even if it is brief), so I'm wondering: Is it even possible to play the Beta version of the game anymore? I booted it up, got to the window where it downloads any updates, clicked Play, got to the log in screen, proceeded to log in, and then a window popped up telling me there was an update to download. Clicked 'Okay'. It sent me back to the initialization screen and...nothing downloads. 'Play' is glowing, and next to it reads, "Game is up to date".
    Rinse and repeat. Still nothing. It's an endless loop.

    Am I just screwed until I can get the retail version?
  • Verinon,

    No, the beta is completely non-functional since the game was released. If you have it still, it's just taking up hard drive space.

    Support Information Administrator