"Server Slam" - Not in status page or in-game

  • I really, really think it's a good idea if a stress test is being performed that notice of possible interruptions be sent out. As it is, the 'server slam' event seems to have coincided with non-PTR performance issues, grinding to a halt, but there was not even a threat notice of this, meanwhile the Server Status page is bare and no in-game notice exists for this time period.

    I feel this defeats the purpose of the status page and the in-game announcement features built into the game, when a known condition destabilizes the service and no notices are made with the tools available for that purpose.
  • 10/06/2015 10:05 PMPosted by Briala
    - on the launcher home page for the game (it is on the separate news tab)

    This was totally an oversight on my part, as it should have made it into the launcher, but didn't appear to happen. Certainly something I'll be double and triple checking in the future.

    We do always encourage players to check our home page for the latest in Diablo news, however. That is the first place any major announcement will land. Sites that have been mentioned, like Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit, are only posted to after the associated information has made it to our front page.