A Lucky Day

  • Last night I played for only 2 hours and I got more gear than when I played 8 hours the day before.

    Keep in mind I am making a UE MS build.

    Hunters Wrath - Kadala (Got it after 400 Blood Shards)
    Yang's Recurve - T3 Rift Guardian
    Unholy Plates - Kadala (Got it on 4th try)
    Fiendish Grips - Kadala (Got it on 2nd try right after Unholy Plates)
    Hell Walkers - Kadala (First try after Fiendish Grips. I am dead serious)

    I only had UE Helm and Shoulders before this. I went from the 2 set bonus to the 6 set bonus (with RoRG).

    I don't know if Blizz did anything to Kadala in 2.3. But something has changed that woman. Maybe she was still excited about 2.3? Either way, By far the luckiest night I ever had since I started playing.
  • Congrats on acquiring the items you were after in such a quick succession! That's a heck of a power jump you made, and I'm sure it feels great to just mow everything down much easier than you were before. I had a good weekend in D3, too, but not like you did!