"1525 Update - Patch Required applying Not Working Yet!!!"

  • I started Season 4 the 28th of August and was playing seasonal characters until 1100 Sept 1 2015 with little or no problems.. I have updated version downloaded on the 28th and a small upload came on the 29th...
    But since 1100 Hawaii Time I get to the website push play and then I am stopped with a message that states I need to update and when closed down it will be applied then once the updated version has been applied I can continue to play.... These are the type of problems that stopped me from playing Season 3
    and Season 1- 2 was trying but completed....
    Question: What is the problem? It has to be on your end? I have been playing since the 28th and now stopped for 2 days? I understand there is Maintenance that needs to be done from time to time.... I have been a Beta tester for online communities and games but this message about the PATCH REQUIRED is not cutting it.... Don't suppose anyone is reading this message. I will try again later in a few hours until then I will go play SHOGUN 2 Total Wars...
  • devil234,

    With the Battle.net Desktop App closed, could you try deleting the Diablo III.exe file from your Diablo III game folder? You can move it someplace else like the desktop if you like too just as long as it's not in the game folder any more. Then start up the Desktop again. It ought to do a little work and replace the executable when you select Diablo III along the left side. See if it'll launch after that.

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