I think i got hacked or my character bugged.

  • NoD

    Well i have no idea why i got hacked since i don't go to other Diablo 3 websites like fansites or guides. On my recent played on social there are different names everytime i login even tho I'm not playing public anymore since that 3006 issue on Act 1 Hell.

    Here are some list of items missing:

    • 350K gold
    • Crafting ingredients
    • Squared gems
    • My backup weapons
    • Blacksmith & Jewelcrafter Tomes
    • Loots
    • And of course, MY PANTS! my blue stupid pants.

    I seriously don'y care about the missing items, but its so sad that the security level of Diablo 3 is weak, very weak (If I got hacked). I'm also leaning towards that its just a bug or somthing.

    So Blue/Blizzard staff, Please respond and if you could rollback my character to Lv.53 on 90% experience mark or just fresh Lv.54 if that's even possible or Just give me back my 350K gold if that is possible too. Thank you in advance if you respond, I love you.
  • NoD,

    The account appears to have been compromised. Unfortunately, we're unable to assist directly with account issues like hacks and compromises in this forum. The most we can do is suggest you make sure your computer is secure from viruses and other malware that could be the cause of the compromised.

    Also, we do have a proper way to report compromised accounts through our support site. When creating a ticket, you'll be guided through that process.

    For information on both of these things, please check here:

    Support Information Administrator