Hey GRIMKU! How is that TORMENT10 Nemesis?!?

  • I can't wait to maybe fear this beast again! Have you gotten to try it out yet? I miss my palms starting to sweat when those doom horns started blaring! On another note; what would it take to include a tap vs long press functionality to Furious Charge, Teleport, and Dashing Strike? It's there for the Barb's Leap but nowhere else!
  • I haven't been hit with a T10 Nemesis yet, but you bring up a good point. While I could certainly figure out a way to force one in a test environment, I'm worried it'd feel a little disingenuous. Early on I'm sure it'll be brutal for some players.

    However, I can tell you this much about T10. My first romp was a lot rougher around the edges than I thought it'd be. I wasn't taking as many dirt naps as I originally suspected, but the monsters took a while to bring down. I'm sure plenty of others will have a different experience, though. Anyway, I hope you all have a good time with it when patch 2.3.0 arrives!