Issues with El Cap Public Beta 3

  • I updated to PB3 yesterday and now D3 is having issues, after working faultlessly on PB1 and 2. When opening the game the colours are all corrupted and flash repeatedly, with only the very odd presentation of the correct colours. I've played with the graphics options and nothing doing, so if you've got a 5K iMac and play D3 wait before updating to PB3. Hopefully PB4 fixes it shortly.
  • 08/04/2015 02:58 AMPosted by Nummy
    In new developer beta 6 it is fixed. It was very probably GPU driver bug.
    Now question is only when will bizzard start testing Metal API on macs?

    This was a known issue that affected all of our titles in Dev seed 4, I believe. We worked with Apple to resolve the issue, so this should be taken care of now. If you still see these after patching up, let us know and submit an Apple Feedback request as well!

    As for Metal, I don't have any updates at the moment but if we have any news to share I'll be sure to report back!
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