Was I hacked?

  • So I played D3 last night. Was in Hell Act 3, about to fight Cydaea but had to log off because server was going down. Well I just logged on recently to find that my main is in New Tristram Normal Act 1 Part 1 and all of my gold is gone. My stash remains untouched, but 0 gold. Some items in my inventory are also gone, but I'm more concern about the gold I lost.

    Oh also, gold in my Hardcore mode are still there safe and sound. I went ahead and changed my passwords, but are accounts in D3 being hacked already? I've done nothing I could think of that would have put my account security in risk, so was it server problems or was I really hacked?
  • Syro,

    I'm afraid we're unable to assist directly with account issues like hacks and compromises in this forum. The most we can do is suggest you make sure your computer is secure from viruses and other malware that could be the cause of the compromised.

    Also, we do have a proper way to report compromised accounts through our support site. When creating a ticket, you'll be guided through that process.

    For information on both of these things, please check here:

    Support Information Administrator