Banned a critic, but won't ban the worst offenders?

  • Going to avoid using names in this post so it doesn't get locked. Blizzard banned a well-known streamer today for abusing the blood shard exploit on stream. Fine, exploiting deserves a ban.

    What annoys me, though, is that there are other well-known streamers who have CLEARLY abused this exploit rather extensively who are not yet banned. It feels like Blizzard is going after those they don't like (the banned streamer was a frequent critic of Blizzard) rather than actually banning those who abused this exploit the most.

    What gives, Blizzard? Why aren't you swinging the ban hammer on other streamers clearly guilty of abusing your game?
  • In the words my friend, Tyvalir:

    The bottom line is that name shaming (of any kind) isn’t appropriate for these forums. It doesn't result in constructive dialogue, no matter how well-intentioned an OP might be, and instead works to tear down the community.

    If your goal is to report hacks and exploits, or other types of exploitative behavior, there are tools both in-game and outside the game (as referenced in my previous post) which are far better suited to this purpose.

    All that said, this is really not the place to discuss what account actions should be taken against which individuals. Since that's the direction this thread is headed, I'll be locking it up.

    For reference, if you'd like to report exploitative behavior, you're welcome email to or complete this online web form.

    On the flip side, if you'd like to discuss an account action you've received personally, please reach out to Account Administration.

    Thanks all!